Elementary Studio

6 to 12 years

In the Elementary Studio, we begin to encourage our children to set goals and work collaboratively whilst nurturing their love for learning. With the support of their Dream Team they begin to take ownership of their learning.

Together with their collaborator, your child helps to co-create their personalised learning journey. This is centred around your child’s strengths, interests and curriculum objectives. 

Our classrooms are filled with relevant content and discussions. It’s easy to stay engaged and motivated when every part of your day is connected to the world around you. We introduce children gently to real world issues through the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a curriculum designed by UNESCO. We inspire ideas, design thinking and problem-solving through Biomimicry and other nature-inspired programmes.

We live in a complex and challenge-filled world. To reflect this reality, we use an integrated subject approach. Through connecting previously isolated concepts and experiences, children gain the skills and knowledge necessary to start thinking critically and creatively. Learning in this way promotes inquiry, exploration and a deeper understanding of our world. 

Concrete hands on materials, help our younger students to see abstract mathematical concepts. The materials form visual pictures in their minds whilst using their hands to aid cognition, laying strong mathematical foundations. As older students move naturally towards abstraction of these concepts, so the materials begin to fall away.  

Technology is used in the studio as a teaching tool. 

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