Middle to High Studio

12 to 18 years

Children in our high school studio follow an international curriculum and finish with an international high school qualification. The curriculum is designed to encourage application of content and the expansion of knowledge using an enquiry-based approach. 

At Akasha, learning is offered through a combination of tutored and self-study subjects. The curriculum is delivered via recommended and endorsed textbook materials, student-friendly teaching videos and activities that are geared towards critical thinking and exam readiness. Learners will be well equipped to become global citizens with internationally recognised qualifications.

Alongside the curriculum, students at Akasha engage with the curriculum created by UNESCO, covering the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). South Africa is committed to achieving these goals and Akasha has identified a need for the youth to champion them and to innovate to solve real-world problems. This approach brings the relevance back to learning through various conversations and discussions, programs and projects. By engaging our students in environmental problem-solving, we aim to show them the interconnectedness of social, ecological, economic, cultural and political issues and empower them to be well-informed agents of hope and change. 

Additional Programmes

Students at Akasha are encouraged to take on an additional programme or to extend their academic programme. These programmes are chosen by the student and their Dream Team, having taken into account the child’s strengths and interests.

Ideas and Examples of Programmes


  • An extended academic or project-based programme
  • A sporting or outdoor pursuits programme
  • An engineering, environmental or entrepreneurial programme
  • A community-service or cultural programme

Please note that the above examples are suggestions of programmes that Akasha would like to offer to all learners. Once a child has decided on the programme to be taken, the viability and costs of the programme would need to be carefully researched and considered. 


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