Our Studios

Our Studios

Our children spend their days working, playing and collaborating in beautiful, open and flexible studios. These studios are comprised of children from mixed-age groups, creating a family of learners who support and care for one another.  Each studio, covering age groups of three years, is guided by a collaborator. The collaborators build strong relationships with the children, as they discover, learn and grow together.

Preschool studio

Our preschool studio has been carefully prepared to encourage independent learning and exploration. Our collaborators work to nurture your child’s curiosity, finding their interests and cultivating their love of learning.

Elementary Studio

In the elementary Studio, we begin to teach our children how to set goals and work collaboratively whilst nurturing their love for learning. With the support of their Dream Team they begin to take ownership of their learning.

Together with their collaborator, your child helps to co-create their personalised learning journey. This is centred around your child’s strengths, interests and curriculum objectives.

Middle to High Studios

Children in our high school follow the Cambridge Curriculum and finish with International High School Qualifications. The curriculum is created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflects the latest educational research.

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