Our Story

What do you get when a teacher and a conservationist put their minds and hearts together? A school that could shift a system.

Winter 2018, Joburg, South Africa. Two friends, Kerry (a teacher) and Tess (a conservationist) made a crazy decision. Maybe August was to blame, the windy month with the smell of rain and spring just around the corner. Whatever it was, they decided to stop complaining about the broken education system and the broken ecosystem and to grow a school where young people could create a different future. “What if?” became their mantra. What if there was a school where children could flourish? What if there was a school where children, immersed in the world around them, were inspired to solve real world problems? What if there was a school to lead the way and show what real learning looks like?

And so Akasha was born. 

I'm Kerry and these are my treasures

And I'm Tess and this is my crazy family!

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